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Calendar 2006

8 hour workshop
«  learn to feel and measure the vital energy », the biofield, the vibratory quality of places or objects, the compatibility of medicinal preparations, etc. The objective of this workshop is to teach you how to measure the vital energy by perception of the etherical body with your hands and to measure bioenergy values in a reproducible way. This kind of measure is a precious tool to increase our sensibility, our sense of discrimination and our autonomy in daily life.

Training « THE SACRED ART OF THE FORMS »: 3 days in Taurinya detailing the geometry and the techniques to calculate and realize zomes in glass, cardboard and metal rods. During this training, every participant builds his(her) own glass zome and learns to use it.

Training « Geobiologyand Telluric Science »: 2 days in Taurinya to discover and experiment with telluric phenomena and get in touch with the etheric worlds which surround us. We learn to recognize the various kinds of Earth grid lines- as well as their fractal organizations, the telluric currents, the whirlpools, the chimneys, the faults and subterranean streams.

2nd cycle training " Eco-Geobiologie »: 2 days in Taurinya. Purification and energization of lakes and rivers. Neutralization of electromagnetic sources of pollution. Vibratory cleaning and release of polluted sites. Study of measures, control and check protocols.

Training « Nature and Geobiologie »: 2 days in Taurinya where we put into practice telluric science in the service of the water, the trees, the animals, the gardens … Location of lines and points favorable to nature. Neutralization of the negative points. Discovery and use of cosmotelluriques fireplaces. Measure trees’ etherical bodies. Processes of energization of the water. Contact and cooperation with the spirits of the nature.

2 days training in Taurinya " ENERGY BALANCE ". The objective of this training is to learn to measure the bioenergy parameters of the human body and to make the useful corrections. To participate to it, it is necessary to have learnt to measure the vital energy.
Training « GEOBIOLOGIE and SACRED ARCHITECTURE »: 2 days in Taurinya to put geobiology into practice in architecture. Orientation and setting-up(establishment) of buildings. Study and use of whirlpools. Functioning of the ancient temples and knowledge of the science of the builders. Discovery of the natural sacred places. This approach of the geobiologie will be put into practice on sacred sites of various times and traditions.

Training « LIVING ARCHITECTURE AND BIODYNAMIC FORMS »: 3 days in Taurinya where we  learn all that is necessary to know to build a wooden zome or a nomad zome in metal.
Drawing with compass and calculation on the computer of the zomes forms. Techniques of wood and metal skeletons. Harmonic proportions and sacred measurement systems. Measure the effect of zomes on life force and living things.

2nd cycle training « GEOBIOLOGIE OF THE ENVIRONMENT »: 3 days in Taurinya to put into practice the geobiologie at the level of the environment. Detection of cosmotelluric grids and phenomena. Electromagnetic nuisances and paranormal phenomena.  Waves of shape and memories of places. Energy flows. Studies of the effects on health. Principles of correction, harmonization and control.
Atelier-conference « Approach of the alive by the geobiology » at Mandelieu ( 06 ) within the framework of the forum « 3 days of the lost knowledge ». Information and registrations at 04 93 49 02 56.

Training « Vital Energy, Bio-energy, geobiology and use of zome forms »: 5 days of synthesis of various trainings and workshops.

You will find the programs detailed on the site

The price of the trainings and the workshops is 75 € per day.

Registrations, information and detailed program on the trainings on the site or by mail:
10 carrer de Cassanet – 66500 Taurinya – Phone. 04 68 05 31 82 / 06 20 10 68 23