- More than 800 photos of zomes, lots of articles, plans and the technical files needed to construct your own zome.
- An original CD that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of these powerful and unique forms..
- The MOST COMPLETE documentation on zomes currently available anywhere.

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Price: 30.00 Euros or the equivalent in any
European or North American currency

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Table of contents :

Shapes and energy : articles that permit you yo deepen your understanding of zomes.

- A zome : what is it?
- The consciousness of shapes.
- An encounter with a physicist
- Workshops : descriptions of workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Nomadic Zomes : portable zomes made with canvas and tubes of aluminum (photos, price, installation, sewing guide).

Zomes-concept : presentation of our business and what we offer.

Partners : our partners in Zome creation and construction

Prototypes : models of zomes for fun and learning. (Zome-hive, the zome dog house, meditation zomes, therapeutic zomes, etc…).

Crystal : presentation of zomes in semiprecious stones (photos, properties, doc & price).

Zome made of wood : how to construct a zome made of wood, technical booklet which summaizes the different steps.

zomes-habitats : of models of zomes to live.
zome 3
zome 5 : presented 3 models.
zome 7
zome 8 : presented 2 models.
zome 12 : the detailed construction of a unique model (more than 70 photos).
prices : a zome house, how much does that cost?
plan : for contractors, a plan of zome 6,
techniques : several files on the technical details
roofings : specific techniques for the covering of a zome.
Zomes in glass: Zomes in glass are constructed according to the principle of the stained glass window. Their measurements are located between 20 & 80 cm of diameter and can have a height of up to one metre. Their physical and symbolic properties allow them to serve multiple functions (described in technical documents on the CD-ROM).

zome 3, zome 4, zome 5, zome 6, zome 7, zome 8, zome 9, zome 10, zome 11,
zome 12, zome 13.
zome menhir : of zomes sculptures for the garden.
cleaning : how to clean a thick zome in glass.
price : how much does that cost?
interior : of sculptures inside of zomes!.
plan : for those that want to learn all alone.
File : property of zomes in glass
The 300 photos illustrating this CD-ROM are the result of 12 years of research and experimentation. They are for the most part integrated into specific decors and they permit the viewer to appreciate more fully the artistic and technical aspects of this family of shapes.