Zomes... the concrete applications of the sacred geometry


Dossier: the Consciousness of Shapes

Zomes are the geometric volumes composed of lozenges arranged in double spirals. These shapes, very little known in the beginning the century, have been codified mathematically by the engineer American Steve Baer in years 60. It is he that their gave this name while associating the ZO of rhombizonaèdre (geometric name of this shape) and the ME of dome. It is in 1975 that they appear in France thanks to the professor of architecture Jean Soum that will use them to create new prototypes of habitats. In spite of beautiful realizations, notably in the southwest of France, the idea remains too marginal or too early on his/her/its time. Yet, a young constructor, Luc Tillie, decide to create an enterprise of zomes but he is victim of an accident of the road little time aprèset the idea will return to oublietteses or the less is classified among the multiple tentatives of alternative habitats of years 70.

It is only later several years, in 1987, that I penetrate by chance in one of these structures. Interested mainly by the sacred architecture that I study for years, I feel then, what I will name the call of shapes later: a trans-formation of the conscience, and the necessity to achieve some new shapes in agreement with the deep harmony of the living.

I begin to construct some experimental prototypes then, persuaded that these shapes have can it to show the strengths of life little with an intensity common. I associate data of which used the ancient constructors (number of gold, angled royal, symbolism, etc...) to an artistic and spiritual approach, in order to fear these shapes of a new way, in truth out of all architectural norm. Follows the construction of several prototypes then in wood in which clearly appears a modification of the local energizing field that especially translates himself by a concentration and an amplification of the life strengths. A very near energy of the one that one can feel in certain sacred places. In spite of the astonishing results, confirmed by numerous people, the exploitation of this shapes remainder again very limited at the present hour; it being in party to the difficulty to get permits to construct and to the public power will to limit a certain liberty of expression.

Nevertheless researches continue; during a journey in Quebec, I have the idea to construct a small zome in glass (50 cm of diameter) to make a model. Indeed, to construct small shapes, besides the financial aspect and the gain of time that it represents, permits to fear their impact géobiologique better on the environment. And there, surprise! the small zome in glass radiates his/her/its energy on a radius of several meters.

Of return in France, I launch myself then in the manufacture of zomes in glass of small size. Progressively, I find again in presence of shapes of which properties to the impenetrable depths drag me toward a symbolic universe and multidimensionnel.

the Symbolic Geometry

Since the night of times, men looked at a time for a language universal and synthetic and their researches brought them to discover symbols that express while reducing to the main thing realities the more rich and most complex . (5)

One of expressions of this need was the creation of the geometric science. The geometric faces evoke in their spiritual relation gas that is not measurable, nor expressible of completely adequate way. However, to be integrated this geometry completely has need of the artistic expression that, alone, can touch all levels of the being. The different symbol arrangement under an artistic shape can transport the deep expression of multiple levels of conscience.

In it, the symbolic geometry is necessarily multidimensionnelle; it offers to each of us an eternal key of the world understanding and by there of ourselves. Each then, according to his/her/its needs will be able to find there an inexhaustible understanding source.

This understanding is bound to a mental process minus, that to a level of conscience; a superior vibratory state toward which evolves our planet as well as a part of his/her/its occupants. At the present hour, more and more beings are appreciable to this deep mutation.

Shapes zomes of by their symbolism are one of the formal representations of this new conscience. He/it is likely that they are going to increase in years to come and that they will constitute a branch of the future architecture of our civilization.

The symbol possesses more that an artificially given sense, but detains a main thing and spontaneous to can reverberation. This reverberation calls us to a deepening of our own existence..., it operates a transfer to be. The symbol is veritably novateur; it doesn't satisfy himself/itself to provoke resonances, it calls a transformation in depth.

--G. Bachelard: the poetic of the space

the Double Spiral of Life

We can compare the active principle of a zome to the one of a temple or a church. In all sacred buildings, the principle even remains the: the current telluriqueses are collected thanks to the various crypts, foundations and embaseses of pillars, whereas the celestial energies are captured by the various tips, bell-towers and ears of faîtages of the superior part. The meeting of these two currents makes himself inside of the building to levels of marquees and arches arranged according to the harmonic proportions.

The zome takes the same principles of basis: an ear of faîtage for the celestial energies, a polygonal pedestal to several levels for the current telluriqueses. Between the two, an organized arch key by an assembly of lozenges whose unit depends on several factors. Let's recall to the passage that a lozenge is the assembly of two triangles that symbolizes contacts and exchanges between the sky and the earth (1).

The first and most important these factors of unit are the duplicate structures spiralée that forms the assembly of these lozenges (to see diagram). Indeed, we recover these spirals and double spirals in all reigns of life (mineral, plant, animal and human). Of the electron to molecules to helical structure (ADN, protein), while passing by helixes foliaireses of plants, we arrive, by successive jumps, to the spiral nebulas. Energies stakes in game in the spiral participate therefore in to structure the vibratory supports of the microcosm to the macrocosm. He/it is about there, of a descended shape of archetypes of the living world, with which the zome is in perfect resonance,: Archetype whose symbolism evokes the evolution of a strength, the spiral also reattaches itself to the symbolism of fertility (double volute, horns etc...) as well as to the dynamics of life. The double spiral is the tracing of the median line of the Ying Yang: this face gives back very amount of the alternative rhythm of the movement putting in antagonistic and complementary strength game. It is again the duplicate coil of snakes around the caducée, the duplicate movement of nâdis around the artery central sushûmna: polarity and balance of the two contrary cosmic currents (1).

As all space greatly filled of geometry, zomes are volumes where express himself the symbolism of numbers and faces. But they don't limit themselves to an unique and unchangeable shape. The choice that can be made on several parameters opens their possibilities of utilization and permits to grant them to the research of a particular effect. It is the centered shapes, and the center, symbol of the number one, assure the tie between the various parts and characterize these volumes as of the neat spaces, integrate and totaux(2); besides, the utilization of the number of gold, as well as of units of measure exits of the angled royal, reinforce the intrinsic cohesion to the nature of this shape.

This type of conception begets an energizing resonance little common, that one only recovers in the fusion of the sacred art and the symbolic geometry. This application of the formal and symbolic relation knowledge allows the strengths of life to appear with such an intensity, that the zome in glass enters in resonance with multiple plans of conscience. It translates himself notably inside by an elevation of the vibratory rate and outside of the zome, noted by all people capable to have a such felt either to measure it (radiesthésistes).

Effects of Resonance

The most recent data of the physics and the molecular biology confirm and explain that that the esoteric tradition affirms since the most remote times: the influence of shapes on their environment.

The vibratory energy of the natural or artificial shapes with his/her/its directions, his/her/its frequencies and his/her/its amplitudes are transmitted by resonance to objects and living structures that penetrate in their field of shapes. These specific shapes are as well in the natural phenomena (galaxy, tornados, crystals) that in the human realizations (spirals, pyramids, domes). (3)

He/it would seem that the seat of these resonance phenomena is the ADN, thanks to his/her/its property to exchange information from afar, and to his/her/its permeability to variations of the outside middle. The researches of Joël Sternheimer (4) on the invisible connections that govern matter, show the outside frequency interaction well on the ADN and the synthesis of proteins. Says otherwise, frequencies making vibrate our environment act on our evolution and our balance, by the mediator of our ADN.

Zomes in glass have the faculty to put in harmonic resonance the atmosphere that surrounds them. They act on our environment and interfere on our vibratory state. He/it is difficult to be able to classify as much to either quantify effects that intervene on multiple plans; nevertheless experiences that have been done brought us to use them of different ways, notably in order to harmonize a place and beings that find themselves of it by the elevation of the vibratory level.

a New Shape of art

Beyond of the numerous utilizations that make the object of our researches, zomes are shapes of a fascinating beauty of which emanate a depth and a mystery of another world. Their inspired conceptions of the symbolic relations make some of mandalases in three measurements that constitute a support of spiritual reflection on which the look takes pleasure to put itself/themselves. As of sculptures of glass sprung toward the sky, they invite us to the elevation of the thought and dive us in a feeling of harmony...

The HEOL association organizes practicums to learn to achieve oneself a zome; she also proposes the already achieved models and invite you to come to note by yourself the different possibilities of these shapes.


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