Zomes... the concrete applications of the sacred geometry







Dossier : Zomes made of Glass

This small document is a sharing of knowledge destined to help you to discover the multiple possibilities that offer you these shapes. It is also an invitation to inform us of the result of your experiences. These new data will serve to surround the extent of applications of zomes as well as the nature of their energy fields better. Owners of zome will receive bulletins from time to time concerning researches and discoveries that make themselves currently on this field of energy.

Information and various applications

Information and applications that follow have been gotten of various ways: by the médiumnité, the intuition, the meditation, the observation or the reflection. One of zomes details is to encourage exchanges and contacts with the spiritual world; it is as well as living in presence of these shapes since a dozen of years, I have been brought to receive information permitting me to understand their workings and their utilizations better. However these information don't have anything of exhaustive and I ask therefore for you to be éveillé(e), ouvert(e) and to have the necessary discernment to verify by yourself these different applications.

Object of art: the first of applications, most material but however necessary. I don't imagine that an intended object to make the good by his/her/its shape can be otherwise that beautiful.

Transforming: (permits to raise our frequency by effect of resonance)

He/it brings us to raise and to adjust our own frequency to be able to enter in osmosis with him. It requires an interior opening state, a to set free takes in order to not to resist this transformation.

The zome amplifies on a horizontal plan, it transforms on a vertical plan.

Distributor: (of a specific energy)

When one puts an object, a stone, a color or all something else, inside of the zome, one amplifies the energy and the diffusion of the radiance of this object. One can illuminate a zome with a colorful light. It has the effect of to amplify and to distribute the energy bound to this color.

Dynamiseur: (permits to load products)

One can use a zome for dynamiser and spiritualiser all ways of preparations (elixirs of flowers, crystals, medicinal preparations, drinks, food, etc,...).

Revealing: (permits to know us better)

Zomes are developers of that that we add indeed. They reveal limitations that we create ourselves as well that the fantastic magic powers that we possess. He/it facilitates the discount in necessary question to all evolution.

Means of communication: (facilitates the relation with our guides)

Symbolic structures and multidimensionnelleses, zomes embody, until in matter, the spiritual conscience demonstration with which they join us. It is an extraordinary communication means and completely multidimensionnel. Your intention is carried and is transformed by the shape.

The zome answers to all demands of the individual. He/it is a fully-fledged entity.

Support of meditation: (permits to connect us to the point zero and to activate the process of co-creation)

One can use a zome as support of meditation; several techniques are then foreseeable; here is some of it:

  • meditation on the center, as us and outside of us... One can for it, to place a mandala or an object to the center of the zome.
  • meditation on the double spiral, as us and outside of us.
  • meditation on light, the transparency, etc,...

Catalyst: (provokes a reaction by his/her/its alone presence)

His/her/its construction is a process alchimique that can be lived to different levels according to the intention and the conscience that one has these shapes.

Symbolic: Zomes express by numbers that govern them, of the symbolic relations, numérologiques and rhythmic. Their presence in a place, sacralise and dynamise spaces it, encouraging so the unit and the cohesion of the same gas of the living world.

Therapeutic: Zomes are some individual and global therapeutic shapes, they constitute a link of the new energizing plot. These shapes are joined between them by the presence of field morphogénétique that they create. They influence the evolution of the collective conscience.

One can program a zome by the mediator of a crystal that one places to the center of the zome.

Programming of a crystal

The crystal of rock is an easy stone to program. To get the support of a crystal, he/it is sufficient to hold it perpendicularly to the forehead and to put his/her/its termination in contact with skin to the center of the Third Eye. One projects a precise thought then in the crystal while concentrating on this thought during some minutes following your capacities of concentration. One discerns the moment where the crystal is charged. He/it acts then like a support while restoring you the energy that you stored of it.

Details of the Zomes

He/it exists different models in the family of zomes. What differentiates these models mainly, are numbers of sides that they possess. More the number of sides will be important, more there will be of facets and more the vibratory level will be raised. It is as well as:

  • for a zome to 5 sides, there will be 15 facets
  • for a zome to 6 sides, there will be 24 facets
  • for a zome to 7 sides, there will be 28 facets
  • for a zome to 8 sides, there will be 40 facets
  • for a zome to 9 sides, there will be 45 facets
  • for a zome to 10 sides, there will be 60 facets
  • for a zome to 11 sides, there will be 66 facets
  • for a zome to 12 sides, there will be 84 facets
  • for a zome to 13 sides, there will be 91 facets

These different models have details bound to the symbolism of numbers that governs them. Here is therefore here an approach of the influence that can have the utilization of a particular model.

Zome to 5 sides: Symbol of the man, the woman and the universe. This number represents the quintessence, the center of the cross, the embedded perfection. While applying him in the domain of zomes, we are going to encourage the effect of recentrage and unit toward which we offer. This shape is going to create an effect of protection and expansion at a time.

Zome to 6 sides: The six represents the terrestrial and celestial strength marriage, the opposite strength synthesis and the expression of the cosmic unit. He/it is the mediating number between the principle and the demonstration. To the level of zomes, we go to feel this opposite and complementary strength meeting as the marriage of energies taking place in a church romane; this shape is going to bring a feeling of anchorage and security.

Zome to 7 sides: The seven is a sacred cosmic number, he/it represents the totality of energies, of the physical plan to the spiritual plan. This number also represents a dynamic perfection. He/it represents the totality of the universe in movement. He/it characterizes a certain perfection. Applied to zomes, this number is going to create shapes in relation with the totality of the living world. It is shapes mainly adapted to a spiritual work, as well as to the creativeness; the 28 facets of which they are constituted put them in relation with the lunar cycle.

Zome to 8 sides: Between the 4, symbolizing the earth and the 12, the sky, the 8 is a number that symbolizes the cosmic balance. The 8 begets volumes curves to the softer angles that give them a big beauty. It is the very levelheaded shapes of which emanate a deep harmony. Zomes 8 are often used to harmonize places or to create habitats.

Zome to 9 sides: The 9 seems to be the measure of gestations, he/it symbolizes the completion of a creation. Applied to domains of shapes, he/it resounds with the end of the cycle that we cross currently and encourage the emergence of a more global conscience. It is a number bound to the woman in good of traditions.

Zome to 10 sides: The number 10 is bound to the totality, the completion, the one of the return to the unit after the end of a cycle. Associated to the zome, it gives shapes of a big perfection where one recovers some geometric relations between the sphere and the number of gold. It is some very powerful shapes.

Zome to 11 sides: The 11 extricates his/her/its symbolism of the conjunction of numbers 5 and 6 that represent the microcosm and the macrocosm. The 11 is the number by which constitutes himself in his/her/its totality, the way of the sky and the earth. It is the number of the Tao. Zomes 11 express Joy as well as something of imp, of facetious.

Zome to 12 sides: At a time harmonic of the 3 and the 4, associating the time and the space, to the picture of the zodiac and the carving of the solar year, the zome 12 possesses a big symbolic strength. He/it clears himself/itself of this shape a feeling of fullness, of sacred and of celestial. One can compare his/her/its energy to the one that one can feel in a Gothic cathedral. He/it represents the embodied divinity.

Zome to 13 sides: It is a very powerful and very particular zome. His/her/its energy is near of the point zero where the power of the thought has a big strength. It is an exceptional instrument has put between all hands.

Zomes in glass are proposed in 4 different sizes:

  • Very small (20 cm of diameter). For the small places.
  • Small model (32.36 cm of diameter). He/it agrees for pieces until 30 m2;.
  • Model means (52.36 cm of diameter). He/it agrees for the big pieces.
  • Big model (72.36 cm of diameter). He/it agrees for all one house.

The radiance of every model also depends on the choice discriminating of the site as well as his/her/its orientation. He/it can be amplified by different factors as:

  • the conscious utilization as connection with the spiritual plans.
  • the utilization of a mandala, a drawing or a painting coming to reinforce the geometry of the zome.
  • the utilization of a support in relation with the number of sides of the zome.
  • the programming of a crystal placed to the center.
  • the utilization of geometries crystalline peripherals (disposition of crystals around and inside of the zome).

He/it also exists zomes menhirs. It is zomes in very pointed glass that are the most often intended to be placed outside of the house. Their implantations on the magnetic networks raise the vibratory level of your place. It is also very beautiful objects that are as of sculptures of glass sprung toward the sky.

I construct zomes of artisanal way in the mind and the sacred conscience of which they are carriers. Some models ask for several ten of hours of meticulous work whose result is an interior alchemy, an integration of these shapes to a subtler level. It is in this sense that I enliven and propose shops of creation of zomes in glass to the course of which us live this alchemy of a collective way. The involvement to these shops requires faculties for the manual work.


You are attiré(e)s by zomes like all those and those that live today this mutation of the being and the conscience because these shapes transport an intelligence, a conscience that resounds the being of light that there is in chacun(e inside) of us. These shapes are going to increase to create a vast network of Light. We encourage you to make all know them those and those that work for life and for the recovery of the Planet.

Thank you for your involvement, thank you to all those and those that as us, are to the service of Life, Beauty and the love.

--Yann Lipnick