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Zomes made of rock crystal create a unique synergy between the purity of the shape and the translucence of the material. Their facets allow them to capture and to distribute light with a marvelous intensity.

Being a carrier of the symbolic strength of zomes these crystals are the reflection of vital life forces in action on the material plane. Crystal zomes are especially powerful for making contact with planes of higher consciousness. Their geometry reflects a divine intelligence; these crytstals can transmit an enormous quantity of information.

Crystals, magical stones.
ock crystal has been considered by the ancient civilizations and is still considered today one of the most sacred materials. Mineral in nature, they captures light and project a rainbow. Rock crystal is the symbol of the radiant energy of the Great White Light. It acts like a catalyst, a conductor of energy. At on and the saqme time it is a receiver and and a conductor and has the ability of balancing the aura. These crystals attune themselves to the human vibratio, thanks to the affinity that they have with the mind of man. When you touch them, you create and maintain important spiritual connections. Easy to program, Rock crystal is a powerful amplifier of thought.

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