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Technical features :

The structure is composed of aluminum tubes and connectors in steel (galvanized and painted) which assemble as easily as Legos or Tinker-Toys. Numbers of sides : 7

Three models of structure are proposed :

Diameter :
4 meters
5 meters
6 meters
Height :
2,70 m.
3,36 m.
4 m.
Surface to soil :
12,7 m²
18,7 m²
27 m²
Lenght of tubes :
1,08 m.
1,36 m.
1,65 m.
Weight :
40 kg.
45 kg.
60 kg.
Time installation :
20 mn.
30 mn.
40 mn.
Price T.T.C. :
960 Euros
1025 Euros
1085 Euros
Canvas surface :
33 m²
52 m²
72 m²
- The whole of the structure is delivered with all the tubes and connectors, a slipcover for the tubes, accessories (pegs and straps), and the plans necessary for the sewing of the canvas cover, as well as a guide for installation.
- For those who want to procure their own tubes, it is possible to buy a set of connectors to the price of 680 Euros (price includes pegs and straps).
- To make the cost more reasonable, we propose only the structure of the nomadic zome and leave to you the fabrication of the canvas cover. To simplify this task, we can also provide the canvas that will permit you [or a seamstress] to create and personalize the cover of your zome.
Conditions de vente :

The indicated prices don't include shipping expenses.
We ask for a deposit of 50% with your order, the remainder to be paid upon delivery.
Connectors are guaranteed for 5 years.

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